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"Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment, can be confused with paradise." Henry Mitchell

The most widely used koi food brand in the world is Hikari, we only use the best, because we trust in the best results.  Time and time again Hikari has shown to yield the most impressive results in growth, colouration and interest from our fish.  We encourage that you follow our guide below as instructions as to when and how much to feed your fish during certain temperatures.  Please contact us for availability and pricing of fish feed. 


Less than 50ºF or 10ºC  

Do not feed Koi.

Temperatures at 50° F. 10ºC of more than one month may require supplemental feedings of low protein and high carbohydrates.

50-55ºF  or 10-12.8ºC

2-3 times a week if Koi are hungry.

High carbohydrate, low protein, laxative type foods. Wheat germ, Cheerios®, squash, lettuce and brown bread.

55-59ºF  or 12.8-15ºC

4-5 times per week if Koi are hungry.

Add low protein (25%) pellets along with vegetables. Increase quantities gradually as temperature increases.

59ºF  or 15ºC

Once per day six days per week.

Low protein (25%) pellets along with high carbohydrate vegetables and fruit.

60-65ºF or  15.6-18.3ºC

Once per day every day.

Gradually increase protein in pellets (35%) and quantity of pellets. Vary diet with vegetables and fruit.

65-72ºF or 18.3-22.2ºC

Once or twice per day.

Bulk of diet should be 35% protein pellets. Add fruits, vegetables, and plankton for variety.

72-80ºF or 22.2-26.7ºC

3 to 4 times per day.

High protein pellets (35% to 40%) with color enhancers. Add plankton, vegetables, fruits, and shrimp.